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Good Enough Isn't

We've all been at a point where we were frustrated and tired of what we were doing, and we looked at the project in front of us and said "that's good enough" before calling it a day. Thinking back on a situation like the one we just described (no shame, we've all been there), were you proud of the result, or were you just happy it was done?


That's the idea behind "Good Enough Isn't". Something can be good, but saying it's "good enough" typically means that it's not as good as it could be. At Horizon Media Management, we believe that saying something is "good enough" roughly translates to "I'm tired of working on this and it meets the bare minimum". In our minds, that's simply surrendering to mediocrity.


When you work with Horizon Media Management, you get the best results we can deliver, every time. No mediocrity, no "good enough", no excuses.

That's a promise, and it's one we work hard every day to keep. 

Black Lab


Chief Morale Officer

A Black Lab/Retriever mix and board certified as the goodest boy ever, Cooper has dog-years of experience in fetching, playing, running, and being preposterously adorable.

"My favorite things are going outside, everyone I've ever met, and going outside!"




A lifelong resident of Central Oregon, Jordan received his BSc in Marketing from the Oregon Institute of Technology. Since then he has worked directly with numerous startups, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. In 2016 he went fully independent and started Stag Media Marketing, which was later rebranded as Horizon Media Management. With a wide range of talents, from copywriting to graphic design and beyond, he's a veritable one-man marketing agency.


"Effective advertising shouldn't hinge on massive budgets. We're all at our best when we can compete, and competition is at its best when the playing field is as level as possible."