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"Good Enough" Isn't

We've all been at a point, either at work or with a project, where we were frustrated, tired of what we were doing, and ready to be done. Where we looked at the work in front of us and decided "that's good enough" before calling it a day.


There's no shame in admitting that we've all reached that point before. But thinking back on that moment, were you proud of the final result, or simply happy it was done?


That's the idea behind "Good Enough" Isn't. Something can be good, but saying it's good enough typically means that it's not as good as it could be. Saying that something is "good enough" roughly translates to "I'm tired of working on this, and it meets the minimum requirements". That's not a success, that's a surrender to mediocrity.


When you work with Horizon Media Management, you get the best results we can deliver, every time. No mediocrity, no good enough, no excuses.




I received my Bachelor's in Marketing from the Oregon Institute of Technology in 2014, and went on to work in an agency setting providing marketing services to businesses across a range of industries, from restaurants and comedy festivals to dealerships and construction crews. In 2016, realizing I had the opportunity to take more control of my life and go into business for myself, I started Stag Media Marketing as a solo venture. After a tumultuous start and a brief interlude with another company, I rebranded as Horizon Media Management and I haven't looked back. My time studying in school, my practical background with various businesses across the US, and my own creative pursuits have provided me with a wide range of talents from copywriting to graphic design and beyond. 

"Success shouldn't be decided solely by the depth of one's pockets. Competition pushes us to be our best, and cost effective strategies helps keep things competitive."



Chief Morale Officer

Board Certified as a Good Boy and regarded as adorable by his close associates, Cooper has dog-years of experience in fetching, playing, running, and napping.

"My favorite things are going outside, everyone I've ever met, and going outside!"